The TRA, your instrument for a wide margin of safety

Some work activities come with more risk than others. With such activities, an accident can occur resulting in serious injury or heavy damage. Risky tasks outside the routine activities are not always part of the normal RI&E. Therefore these situations have their own instrument: the Task Risk Analysis (TRA). The TRA goes deeper than the RI&E in the risky aspects of these work activities. The analysis deals with the nature of the work, the workplace and environment, the work conditions and the complexity of the work. Bennani Safety Expert provides you with a very precise and detailed report that you can use as part of a VCA-certification.

The TRA is not an end in itself. Using the Task Risk Analysis as a tool, Bennani Safety Expert can support you in the implementation of actions directed at the areas of safety, procedures, instructions, training and supervision. This helps you to keep the safety margin for high risk tasks tightly under control.