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Specialized safety expert advice, support and custom coordination

Bennani Safety Expert offers safety expertise and advice to get you up and running in no time.  Our service is completely tailored to your organization. This applies to large and small enterprises as well as for organizations such as schools and institutions.

You can expect more that theoretical reports from us. Our services are always aimed at the practical aspect of your organization and are fully flexible. This means that you do not need to be an expert in the field of technical occupational health and safety as well as safety expert law to immediately get up and running with our advice.

We support, coordinate and guide you through the desired areas of the process to becoming a technically responsible  occupational health and safety organization.

Our services

The steps to a safe working environment

Working Conditions Act

An organization has the important responsibility of keeping its employees as healthy and safe as possible. While that is part of being a good employer, it is also required by the government who ensures that these measures are adhered to by using the threat of heavy fines.

RI & E

An RI&E is simply a report on the safety risks within an organization in the area of  working conditions and the measures needed to be taken.


Some work activities come with more risk than others. With such activities, an accident can occur resulting in serious injury or heavy damage.

SCC Certification

Entrepreneurs (contractors, sub-contractors) prove the safety and technical occupational health and safety reliability of their company with a SCC certification.

Project Safety Expert

Safety awareness is of the utmost importance for any project and, as such, is a matter that requires constant attention.