Project Safety Expert

Safety awareness is of the utmost importance for any project and, as such, is a matter that requires constant attention.

Bennani Safety provides you with all the expertise and support you need when it comes to projects involving hazardous activities. Examples might include new building or renovation projects, shutdowns and turnarounds, and short-term stoppages for maintenance work, overhauls or refurbishments.

Bennani Safety ensures that all of the work carried out at the project site is carried out safely. Our facilities and capabilities ensure that preparation, planning and implementation are thorough and effective. As a specialist within our sector, we provide advice and supervisory services and ensure that all occupational health and safety regulations are properly adhered to in practice. We handle everything for you, giving you all the support you need! Hiring Bennani Safety ensures that your occupational health and safety policy is adhered to, in full accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

We ensure that occupational safety on your site is guaranteed. The safety, deployability and health of your employees is our number-one priority. All hazardous work is continually supervised to ensure that it is carried out safely. This prevents workplace accidents, surely one of the prime objectives of any organisation. It goes without saying that the ultimate aim is for all of your staff to return home at the end of the day, safe and sound. An additional benefit is that our professional approach keeps downtime to an absolute minimum.

Bennani Safety profits from more than 10 years of experience in the field of occupational safety. Four of those years were spent in Saudi Arabia in the role of Safety Manager on a project involving the construction of the largest glucose factory in the Middle East. This project was completed with a total of 3.5 million LTI-free hours. LTI stands for ‘Lost Time Incident’, and indicates the number of incidents that resulted in lost time. We are particularly proud of this achievement, as safety is always our priority!