RI & E

Safe and healthy work starts with an RI&E

An RI&E is simply a report on the safety risks within an organization in the area of working conditions and the measures needed to be taken. Although this is an obligation set forth by the government, a well designed and executed RI&E that prevents absenteeism due to injury can actually offer returns on the organization’s investment in it.

From Bennani Safety Expert you receive a report that is fully prepared on the basis of your business’ practices.

You can use your handy and functional RI&E report to identify and tackle the technical occupational health and safety bottlenecks within your organization.

How it works with an Ri&E from Bennani Safety Expert

Our RI&E follows a transparent process with a clear result:

  1. The safety officer visits your organization and asks some questions pertaining to your organization, workplaces, and activities.
  2.  A tour of the organization follows. The safety expert takes a snapshot of the situation.
  3. The safety expert identifies the existing problem areas. He then discusses each of these problems with you to determine if it is a security risk, something that is not obvious.
  4. Next up is a practical priority list, including possible solutions and improvements.
  5. You submit this list for approval to the Works Council or staff representative.
  6. You go to work addressing the problems, with or without Bennani Safety Expert.
  7. Thanks to the priority list, you know exactly what you have to do, and in what order.