SCC certification: proof of a safe, healthy and environmentally conscious organization

Entrepreneurs (contractors, sub-contractors) prove the safety and technical occupational health and safety reliability of their company with a SCC certification. The certificate, “Safety / Health / Environment Checklist Contractors”, gives your company a clear added value in the clients’ eyes.

The basis of a SCC is a comprehensive questionnaire, designed for companies that perform high risk work activities. These are often factories, plants, projects on location, and workplaces. The SCC has its own variant for large enterprises or main contractors and smaller companies or subcontractors. Although the term ‘checklist’ suggests otherwise, the SCC is more comprehensive than a simple questionnaire. The SCC brings a multitude of safety, health and environmental measures together in one comprehensive program.

The SCC gives your organization a practical and firm handle on all important points to meet the requirements in the areas of safety, health and environment.

The SCC focuses on four main components:

A current SCC (less than three years) A current overview and periodic inspection of equipment and resources, SCC safety certificates for employees, managers and freelancers, Access to the extensive SCC handbook  that helps with a variety of security-related topics for obtaining the SCC certificate,  The appointment of an expert worker as your safety officer is required. You do not need to possess this expertise within your company.  You can make arrangements with Bennani Safety Expert for expert advice and flexible support on your way to a SCC certification.